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bottom weighted image, double matted by heirlooms.ca

Bottom Weighting

For large Photos you can get a good presentation by adding 1/2 inch or more of what is called bottom weighting, putting an extra amount of matting on the bottom part of the mat, giving the overall look of the picture a more dramatic effect. Professional frame shops understand that sometimes, artwork needs a lift. This gives a professional look and a feeling of support where the focal point in the lower region of the picture, making it more balanced and easier on the eyes. For square picture, bottom weighting is not recommended. When hanging two pieces of the same size next to each other on the wall. Simply have the mats cut smaller on the inner sides, so the pieces feel connected or in unison to each other when hung together. The wider you weight your mats, the more dramatic – and the narrower, the more subtle.

The 'V' Groove

Another nice added touch is called a “V Groove” where a cut is made into the mat usually about 1 inch in from the opening, it scores the top and can go all the way around or part of the way around and is quite effective as it gives a contrast to the mat color by showing the white inner portion of the mat, simulating a double mat effect.

Mat Openings


matting tips by heirlooms.ca

Shown here is a photo with 1/2 inch bottom weighted for effect with a simple black frame. 


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